With varying solar control shades, Our Films can reject up to 63% of total solar energy. Our Films can cool your cars interior temperature by 5 to 10 degrees Celsius. Films also reduce glare and driving fatigue, thus enhancing driving comfort. By having window film on your vehicle you can significantly reduce the suns heat transmission, thus lowering the cooling load of the air conditioning system and as a result aid in you vehicles fuel / energy consumption.


Each safety window treatment is designed and engineered to provide optimum safety and protection in the event of a life threatening accident. The window Side Impact Protection system with its anti-glass splintering and skin cancer prevention features provide an additional peace-of-mind when your child may need it most.

The security film prevents thieves from breaking and entering your vehicle’s interior by strengthening its weakest point of entry – its windows. Our security film helps keep the intruders outside and your personal belongings inside. Security window film also blocks 99% of harmful UV rays.


Everyday the suns UV rays to irreparable damage to your vehicle’s interior. When your vehicle’s interior is exposed to sunlight, it starts fading away. Now you can help prevent fading with our Automotive Window Films. Our films block out 99% of the harmful UV rays while allowing natural light to illuminate your vehicle’s interior. All the while, helping your vehicle look great for years to come.


Our Automotive Films consist of the largest automotive lines in the market. An assortment of high performance, window films as well as the introduction of their new high-end ceramic films. Improved aesthetics, inside and out. From the outside, Films give your car a sleek, uniform look, not only making it more attractive, but adding glare control to it as well. No more squinting and shading of your eyes to see. Also, shield the driver from blinding glares from the sun’s rays. Light reflection can also be greatly reduced from the installation of window film.

Our Window Films not only give your vehicle style but it also provides fro a layer of privacy. Now you can efficiently control the visibility of your vehicle’s interior. This also keeps intruder’s from seeing what can possibly be stolen from your vehicle such as laptops, bags , and equipment.